As an environment-friendly agrochemical related enterprise, NOPOSION devotes itself to the sustainable development of agriculture products including crop protection products, plant nutrition, agricultural  equipment.

NOPOSION is engaging professionally with the R&D, production, sales and technical service of agrochemical formulation and water-soluble fertilizer. More than 1000 products are approved by authority and including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and water-soluble fertilizers, which can meet the requirement on the control of different pests and the plant nutrition of crops in different regions. The major products are bio-pesticides, bionic pesticides, new heterocyclic pesticides and highly effective, low-toxic and low-residual water-basis formulations, which are safer and more environment-friendly and more convenient to apply.

We have established our own synthesis and formulation plants for agrochemicals. In our technology-leading formulation plant, we are manufacturing a series of high quality crop protection products. The number of formulation patents top the list in China.


NOPOSION have registered more than 1000 formulated products in China and rank first in new pesticide formulation patent for invention. We register those products in the name of Noposion or in our subsidiaries' name. For example: 

  • Shenzhen noposion agrochemicals co., ltd

  • Dongguan ruidefeng biotechnology co., ltd

  • Shaanxi biogen crop science co., ltd,

  • Shandong jophne biotechnology co., ltd

  • Guangdong haode crop science co., ltd

  • Chengdu westideal cropscience co., ltd

  • Shanxi royal cropscience co., ltd

  • Sichuan nowforu cropscience co., ltd

  • Jiangsu Changlong Chemicals Co., Ltd

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